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Salt Case

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Salt Case

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La Chinata launch a gourmet Salt Case perfect to enhance the flavour of any dish, from the most traditional to the most contemporary.

With this case, you can try a wide range of salts and have at your disposal all of them to use it, depending on the dish chosen to prepare. Presented in useful tubes to ensure ease of use, we will find in this pack from Fleur de Sel, Black Sea Salt to Himalayan Pink Salt, Persian Blue Salt and Hawaiian Red Salt.

Content: 105g (3x25g+2x15g).



Package Content

Fleur de Sel

It is obtained through water evaporation coming from the sea with a non-industrial elaborating process. It is a very used gourmet product in high cuisine as it boasts food flavours and it is presented in irregular and crunchy grains. It is advised to be used mainly in salads, grilled meats, fish and vegetable dishes.

Black Sea Salt

La Chinata Black Sea Salt is made with a mixture of fine salt flower crystals with squid ink. Its elaboration process is very delicate, reason why it is considered like a gourmet salt given its difficulty of production. It is ideal for white fish in all its forms, molluscs, rice, pasta, sauces, breads, seafood and, of course, for the decoration of dishes. We can emphasize among other recipes of black rice “paella” with alioli sauce, the bread of black hamburgers, the stuffed peppers with cod in sauce, the rissoto of sepia with squid and prawns ... Without a doubt, it will give a unique flavour and presentation.

Himalayan Pink Salt

La Chinata Himalayan salt is a pink coloured salt that comes from the skirts of the Himalayan Mountains that given the atmospheric pressure generated during thousands of years; they have produced an important concentration of minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. Iron is responsible for its pink colour and its flavour is very peculiar since it is salty with a bitter touch, which makes it ideal for grilled beef, fish and baked vegetables type of dishes.

Persian Blue Salt

It comes for Iranian mountains, bathed by the sea in ancient times. They are some fascinating blue rock crystals, formed by natural fossilization produced by the natural external conditions of the place through the last 260 million years. This makes it a very exclusive salt with a high culinary value. Its flavour is very soft and its texture very chunky and crunchy. It is recommended for beef Carpaccio or shrimps, white fish, sauces and even to just decorate the edges of some cocktails.

Hawaiian Red Salt

La Chinata Hawaiian Red Salt is a sea type of salt coming from the Hawaian island and with a volcanic origin. Its dark colour is highlighted and due to the black lava rocks that during the formation process by a natural way they get impregnated with active carbon that contains lava, which also has antioxidant and digestive properties. Its texture is delicate, soft and crunchy and its flavour has a slightly hazelnut scent. It is very used in high cuisine and perfect to boast raw or cooked food’s flavour, specially fish and seafood dishes.

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