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Rosemary Honey

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Rosemary Honey

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Rosemary Honey is elaborated by bees from rosemary flowers. It is a great nutritional source and has a very sweet and aromatic taste. Furthermore, it has plenty of therapeutic properties, that’s why it is recommended one tablespoon a day to protect organism.

This variety presents a dark colour and offer stimulating properties of nervous and circulatory system. In addition, it works as hyper tensor and anti- rheumatism, as it helps to reduce and eliminate symptoms.

Also, thanks to his high content in lithium, it’s highly recommended in old people, as it improves memory, fight against dementia and reduce the effects of Alzheimer. Even, it acts as stomach protector, just one tablespoon after a heavy meal to aid heavy digestions, heartburn and gas.

Pure honey tends to solidify with cold temperatures, that’s why it’s recommended heat it in a boiling water bath or microwave before consume.

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Rosemary honey.

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