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Primum - Extra virgin olive oil

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Primum - Extra virgin olive oil

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PRIMUM s an extra virgin olive oil made with a hand-picked selection in the first few days of the harvest campaign. The process is made in the oil press with traditional decantation within 24 hours of harvesting.

Its personality is marked by intense fruity aromas with hints of apple and banana, with a dense body, no bitterness, with a slightly sharp touch, that has become the distinguishing mark of PRIMUM, which differentiates it from the rest of the extra virgin olive oil in the market.

Its tonality, dark green, reveals the selection of olives hand-picked in the first few days of the harvest campaign. It is bottling straight from the oil press, because is an unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, and that´s why sometimes shows a light deposit on the bottom of the bottle, that underlines and guarantees its purity.

It is known for its nutritional properties, for its high content of essential fatty acids and high percentage of unsaturated fats in relation to the saturated ones. It also contains more than 75% of oleic acid, an amount that a very few varieties reach.

These features reveal high therapeutic and nutritional values, apart from a great stability against rancidity, as well as, exceptional organoleptic properties.

Extra Olive Virgin Oil is one of the treasures of Mediterranean Diet and PRIMUM is the best option for cold or warm dishes, because uncooked is the best way to appreciate its qualities. Also, could be a good accompaniment to hot dishes as fish or vegetables. Moreover, for the most innovative chefs, it can be ideal for emulsifying sauces and desserts.

Given its limited annual production, it is packaged in an exclusive glass bottle inside an elegant wooden case, making it one of the best gourmet presents for exquisite palates.



Glass bottle 500 ml




Extra virgin olive oil

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