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Virgin Olive Oil PET 5 L (3 x 5 L per Box)

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Virgin Olive Oil PET 5 L (3 x 5 L per Box)

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The Virgin Olive Oil is obtained direct from the olives and always through mechanical processes, with the appropriate thermal conditions in which the oil is not altered. They are only made four processes for its treatment: washing, decantation, centrifugation and decant.

The called Virgin Olive is obtained in the same way that Extra Virgin Olive Oil but it presents some analytic differences, for example, its acidity could be higher. Because of its organoleptic qualities it is milder than Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we could say its taste is more “traditional”.

We shouldn’t forget that Extra Virgin Olive Oil as well as Virgin Olive Oil, are natural and real olive juices.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil preserves all vitamins and antioxidants from the olives, as Virgin Oil.

Content: 3 x 5 litres Box




Virgin olive oil

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